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"2017" a year of Living in Plenitude with much Joy and Gratitude!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Living with Congruence

Several things come into perspective when we start considering the value of Living with Congruence in more and more aspect of our life. Now, I perfectly understand if this is not your call and I sincerely hope it's because you already passed this subject and approved the class. But for those who are still in the game, striving for Excellence. Those who are still hanging in there, feeling like they are not quite over this  subject in many areas of their life. Those who are actively fighting to overcome some of their weakness in order to fill up their selves with sound values or just achieve one more virtue in order to feel more grounded in their character. This article is for you. I mean,  this article is for any body who is willing to reflect about the message. I am confident when I say there are a huge number of people out there who can find this message as the glue to what they are seeking  in order to rescue their integrity and build up their image so they can smile in front of the mirror, their family, friends, employers, customers and/or community.
If you are lost on the content of this article, but you are here reading, curious, or intrigue but at the same time asking your self  questions like if Congruence is a new health condition or where do you buy it? I have to tell you my friend,  you have an angel guiding you to a path of transformation that can start right now if you want... Its always your choice!
My basic foundation to write about "Living with Congruence"  is my own life experience. Who know me, know I am in deed immersed in my purpose of Giving with  Excellence and in order to be able to help a more diverse group of people in reaching their goals I have gone thru a long way in a process of personal growth and development from within. So at this time of my life I am deeply grateful and happy of calling myself a Facilitator of Learning Experience because now more than never before I truly believe this is what I do, not matter what is my literal position at any time. This is exactly what have serve me for years because this is what I do, as a human being who is passionate about being proactive about progress, learning, development, prosperity, sharing, communication, family life, quality and/or personal excellence. So I have seen many benefits on becoming more congruent in more and more aspects of my life and since I love it, its proven, and it will enrich any body's life, its time to share it.
To know some of the benefits you will find by becoming more congruent in any particular aspect of life,  please walk through this HUMAN BEHAVIOR'S


    Thursday, February 26, 2015

    One Healthy Habit at a Time #1

    If I can exercise it, YOU CAN DO IT!
    A couple of years ago, I wrote several articles addressing  some of my concerns while trying  to improve my health, and enjoy life again. There was a time of  deep need for considerations, keeping track of all the symptom, and try to compare with medical information and other  resources available about Fibromyalgia.
    A chronic disease like this, is just a  health condition that give us the opportunity to review our life style and consider some changes and adjustments that include detailed observation to our diet, and our life.
    During those years of observation, trying to figure out what was affecting my health so bad, i found out that carbohydrates and sugar, plus some other products needs to be reduced from my the path of changing some habits in my kitchen started in 2009.
    Healthy eating is not an easy task, but I found out that it is a great way to start seeing results. Of course we need great disposition, awareness, time, preparation (with good information), organization, will power (to make the adjustment on the selection of the ingredients and  moderation with quantity) . I even learned to watch the number of meals and snacks a day. So, now I am prepared for those occasions, when I don't have the time or the energy to prepare a healthy meal.
    The best thing I have found during these years, of learning about living a healthy life,  trying, failing to do what I need to do, and starting again, is that organization and preparation does help. Either that you decide to prepare food in advance, or plan your menu ahead of time and purchase the products that help you to make healthy choices, you will win a tremendous battle, because you will be ready to substitute products, keeping good quality on what you have available to choose. So, be prepared for those too busy days, get your protein shake, fruits, vegetables and nutrition bars handy at home, office, lunch bag and in your handbag. They are the best help we can get when we are working on adopting new habits, we need to keep going, and still take care of ourselves. Try it for a month, and let me know how you feel about it.

    Healthy eating habits, require a discipline that I didn't have, but I understood that it make a difference in my life, so I have being willing to learn how to do it, one step at a time, day by day, even when its not always too easy. The bottom line is that I want to ENJOY LIFE again, but not as a random "one good day", I have been working instead, on building strengths on my new experience of joy and wellness for the rest of my life.

    Considering that for the majority of us life start changing during the middle age, its great to see young adult already aware of the importance of taking care of their body with good nutrition and exercise. I wish I have had their determination and self-discipline on my 20's or 30's. Don't get me wrong, I was still energetic, fitted and beautiful, but with no clue about the consequences of having such bad nutrition habits. I was so irresponsible on that aspect, that I wasn't taking good care of my most important asset, my health. So, of course I was used to eat a lot of carbs, red meet, and spend long hours of work without eating breakfast and some time passing lunch time. What a life style, does this ring a bell to you? ...But wait,  to make it worst, I have had to add a lot of coffee during my normal days.
    In my culture, in the Venezuela that I remember, every office  you visit, as a vendor, will have somebody that will offer you a cup of coffee as their welcoming protocol, and of course, I was always open for a tasteful cup of coffee. Now, consider that as a sales person for industrial products, I needed to visit several departments in the same company. So,  having an average of visits from 6 to 8 customers per day give me and average of at least 10 cup of coffee daily. I wonder why I was always so active and always on the go.
    It's my hope that this article get on time to people that need to reflect on their daily routines, those that can make a change before getting sick.  If you are that person, I pray that you start thinking in yourself with clear understanding of the importance of your health, so that you make assertive decisions, which would lead you to preventive actions.
    Wishing you a wonderful health!

    My next article about Health and Wellness will bring an insight about the importance of  BEING PERSISTENT.

    * One Simple Step that can make a difference in your search for a healthier lifestyle. For those busy days, instead of not eating anything or getting fat food, THINK SMART, BE PREPARED with  Complete Nutrition Bars;
    great source of protein and fiber, non dairy, gluten free, low glycemic, omega3's, and 100% vegan.
    #One Healthy Habit = MR101

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015

    Cooling or Heating. It depends on what is needed.

    Almost every body knows  the best temperature they need to feel comfortable in every season. We can be in fall,  or summer, and we would know exactly what to do to address our needs of cooling or heating an area.  That is really an easy task to learn without too much effort. Isn't it?
    If you are like me and live in Florida, you must be enjoying the weather at this time of the year.
    We are all different, but at the same time we won't never be alone in our preferences, so there are many people that enjoy the heat, while others can't stand it.
    On these days, when we have the Heater or the Air Conditioner system that allow us to take control of temperature every where,  we shall admit that we have it much more easier than our parents, or grandparents if we want to see even farther. It is as easy as to find the thermostat and push a button to lower or rise the temperature,  wait a little, and enjoy.
    Now days, is even better with some of those new technologies that give us the benefit of auto adjusting, like NEST Thermostat, which program itself, so we don't have to do it manually.
    It sounds very good to me, and of course it makes me think about how far and fast can we get to have brilliant ideas to manufacture new products that make our life apparently easier every day,  sell millions of them around the world, but we still can't find the ways to resolve the problems of wars, poverty, divorces, races, discrimination, bully...

    As Marthin Luther King Jr. said "
    We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learn the simple art of living together as brothers. Our abundance has brought us neither peace of mind nor serenity of spirit".
    Shall we do the exercise of at least ask the question Why is that we haven't been able to bring alternatives solutions for all the issues that keep us in fight, or at a defensive stage or against one another?
    I guess many people won't ever bother to think about those things, they will find it silly to spend their time on that. For others, it might be  too much of "trouble" to even try.  All of those circumstances take a lot of energy, to put them in perspective because  they need more than educated brains, committed  hearts.
    We live in a society that promote better how to live aware of the importance of  our credit, than the importance of  our values. But, we can't understand the reason why many people in different ages takes their lives or take wrong path to try to resolve their issues about temporary situations. Some time  people involved in those circumstances are so affected and afraid to even find out if their mission is to inspire and set people on fire, or they need to bring in water to help them to get cool off.
    The truth is we are always in a test and is our duty to find out the balance on how we can make a positive impact, by making a difference in peoples life depending on what is needed.
    Can you be a positive influence to bring up unity, cooperation, trust, brotherhood, peace, inspiration, justice, solidarity in your team, family group and/or community? Would you do it sometimes, or the majority of the time?

    Friday, December 12, 2014

    "Diplomacy, the art of letting some one have it your way"

    For many years I have this message on my desk - "DIPLOMACY - The art of letting someone have it your way"
              -Daniele Vare (Italian Diplomat)
    I bought this paper weight in a gift shop in 2004 because of what that message represented to me at that time. I liked it that much, that I got two instead of one, thinking on giving one as a gift to someone special for me. But, after so many years, both of them are still in my home office. Many times the message has intrigued  me to the point of wondering what the writer meant with those words. Would  my understanding of the message be on the same directions as Daniele Vare? It looks like he never explained it, and today, I am using his quote with my own perspective. I only hope that this point of view can complement and frame his thoughts in a way that the reference makes  him feel honored.
    There are two ways to get to know people. One is by observing them, and the other is by listening to them. The first one, observing people, allow  us to learn about their actions, routines, styles, mannerism, reactions, motivations and others graphic or visual signs and expression they share. While the second, Listening to them, is a way we have to get to know their feelings, thoughts, concerns, knowledge, focus, perspective, plus their visions of life. Perhaps real listening  is not easy for every body, it is the way to find answers about people and their circumstances.
    I truly believe that we learn  to be great listeners and observers with practice, and that is the way we can bring better solutions to situations and people's needs. Observing and listening are manifested when  we put sincere interest in our search for healthier solutions. In fact, many times we start understanding that many of the situations we face in our life are consequences  of our lack of attention of what is evolving in our society. We can even see it now, when the battle to remove God's words, from our message in any inter-relationship considered as "professional practice" is on, and many people is following that call in order to be "proper" in their circle.
    There are times when too much of diplomacy is not good for anybody. In this particular case, I think our politeness  its corroding the values and truth that are expressed in The Declaration of Independence of this country and that shall send us a sign of alarm to be more aware of  the direction of our actions and decisions. If we live in a global world, and want to participate in social change, then we shall learn to respect everybody believe without limiting their right to speak with words of wisdom. That would be fair.
    Maybe more questions needs to be raised and embraced in a personal level in order to understand the kind of changes that we are facilitating.
    • Are my actions in pro of  bringing up progress in my life, and the life of many others?
    • Are my  ideas of solutions based on love, education, and development?
    • Are the  structures and organizations where I am  inserting my print out, receiving the benefit of my personal growth and strength or the consequence of my weakness?
    • Its my vision of prosperity and progress a platform that offer opportunities  for better education and quality of life to every one.
    Considering that people will always dispute for attention, recognition, interest and approval for having the truth or being right, Its great to be open and confident to share your knowledge, skills and dreams, knowing that you are not holding any good for others, you are not turning off any lights, instead you are cooperating with a bigger mission, uplifting the knowledge and awareness in many people around you. That is what I will call an awesome way to let someone have it your way.  
    In order to find the best results in the development of any thing we need to be open to learn from others, to release our fears or concepts, to deliver a new message or to confront others.

    Friday, October 10, 2014

    Growing with your people.

    In this days when there are many people searching for jobs, the HR department of your company most be having a lot of fun. Don't you think?
    I have always thought that managers and people in leadership have a huge responsibility in picking up the right people for their companies. I would say that is better to work with people of high standards since change, quality and improvement is already in their blood, but that is if you are really ready for them, looking forward to find the perfect fit in the best interest of the company. Of course those characteristic are  not always seen  on a resume, but you might get a better idea from what you perceive in people during an interview.
    On this days, we can imagine the  level of unemployment is helping this process of recruiting, making it an easier task because there are a lot of well educated, and experienced people out there applying for the same job. But then, the question is,  if people that are recruiting are prepared  to recognize and appreciate the value in the character, experience, talent and personality of those that are applying for the job or they get afraid and instead of looking at the prospect as an asset for the business, they see them as a career competitor.
    Other important aspect on this process of recruiting is the evaluation of our real offer vs. public advertisement. Professionalism and Ethic have  nothing to do with fashion or expensive locations and respect is one of the most important value in our professional life. We shall treat people with the same respect we hope that others treat us. If you are in a process of recruiting don't try to sugar cover the job description with information that does not match the real task, description, and requirement, because the people you are calling are overqualified for that job. It is not fair and its not ethic either. Month ago I had an experience like this with a company that is located in a gorgeous area in Winter Park, Florida. Too bad that such a beautiful office is used for such a bad practice.
    Some times, in this new era of technology and new ways of doing things its very difficult to find the balance or the best approach according to our task or goal.  If you are recruiting, that can be challenging on time management, selecting people for interview by looking at their resume, and if you are searching for a job it is also challenging because there are many misleading information of "job opportunities" out there. There are companies that are offering jobs opportunities that are a joke and they don't realize the damage they do to their company's name.
    We can  always find a way to work effectively with people that know about  high standard and are eager to walk the extra mile to work in bringing great results while being efficient. Do your best to find the right person to your company and be open to grow with them!

    Saturday, March 22, 2014

    Mastering the Art of Cooperation...

    Get involved , Bring up your Inputs.
    Cooperation is a real value, a social process, a principle that has been used by countries in war or in process of bringing peace. Cooperation is a skill that we need to learn if we want to be a part of a team at home, at work, or in the community. In a way, is a benefit that we give to others in order to contribute with a project of building and strengthen relationships, communities services  and organizations, or just helping a friend in need. It's the benefit we receive  in special occasions from friends, family, and in many times and occasions from people we have never seen before. When we see how cooperation is fostered,we understand that with our attitude we either encourage a cooperative attitude in our environment or we discourage it. But, at the same time we need to be sincere with ourselves on not using cooperative attitude to manipulate others. Nor when we are the givers, neither when we are the recipient. Cooperation in its best expression is natural in people who cares about others, about the society, about education, about children and families... this is the kind of cooperation I am writing about here.

    Since the beginning of all times I would say we have the natural need to recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate people's help and every one has their own way to express gratitude.  But, if we are in charge of a force of contributors, we need to find a way to preserve the energy of peace and harmony between those, that with care and commitment, support our mission, even when there might be times when they are dealing with some misunderstanding between them. So, as a leader we have to be able to see when a problem is just bringing an opportunity to work together with our group and see if there is a need to introduce some new communication skills. If we do it right, everybody win, and the group stay together because we have done the work to overcome the friction that normally keep us stuck in the problem.
    I have seen great work and jobs well done where people work in cooperation for one purpose, one goal and one mission, but I have to say it take courage to work as a team at the beginning, because it is normally a learning experience where humbleness , fairness and transparency is not always present. So the commitment of people starts to decrease when we get distracted by personal differences and affected by others behaviors, instead of keeping the focus on the goal, and the best way to accomplish it with excellence. I have not seen yet any real successful project where every one does their own thing without contribution in form of planning, organizing, coordinating, administrating, or just working together.

    Are you a Cooperative person?
    Lets consider some particular points that can help us to address this question from different perspective.
    • How many times during your journey, you realize on the effect of your attitude, or the importance of your commitment  for the success or wellness of  others? Can you see the importance of your positions when you are working with other people?
    • How many days in a week  you need other people's information, process, results, disposition, or maybe support in order to accomplish your project goals? Its the feedback that you are receiving good, great, ok, or excellent? How did you do it? How was their answers to you?
    • In which ways have you fail to cooperate in difficult circumstances?
    • Do you feel you have put people down when you were part of a team or when you were the leader of a group? What did you do? How did you do it? To whom you did that? Were you fair with every one?
    • Would you consider yourself a leader that promote Teamwork and Cooperation? How are you promoting cooperation?
    • How have you cooperate with your own personal and professional development? How do you do with family goals?

    Cooperation is a real Value.
    All this questions are meant to lead us to see if there is any kind of circumstances in our life,  where we would like to improve our responses in a cooperative and more assertive way. Any behavior pattern can be modified with awareness, love, knowledge and a lot of practice of self control. If you are still here, please take a piece of paper and write Your Name on the top-centered of the page, and then make two columns;
    1. Column I. I am very cooperative with...(Please add 7 names of the people you normally cooperate with, and 7 names of the kind of help you are always willing to give). Remember this is your homework, nobody will see it, only you will evaluate it.
    2. Column II. I don't want to cooperate with (Write 7 Names of people that have ask you for help and you have turn your back to them. You have either neglect them, avoid to answer them, refused to support them. Write your seven best reasons to avoid cooperation  in each moment).
    Work on it...and come back soon.

    Be Grateful for all the people in your life.

    The more light I receive, the more beauty I can express from within.

    Most beautiful people in our life are genuine people.

    We enjoy looking at them in their ways, and being with them, is always a pleasure, that also help us to learn how to admire their nature and their efforts to grow and keep going.

    One of the most relevant characteristic in them is that they know they are not perfect, they are not always successful, and they are not always feeling great. They also recognized their talent and their skills , but they are so humble...
    When they need to move from what ever might be holding their progress, you know they will do it. They will find how to go on the direction they want to lead their life. They have also felt the need to Step Up and take a higher route many times. They are normal people.

    From what I have learned, these people embrace correction and change because they are open to their own transformation. 
    These are  also people that strive for excellence!

    This is the people that we can count on, when we have questions and need suggestions to move forward in a right direction. We know they are honest and sincere in their opinions. We normally trust them!

     We all have some of those people in our life. Don't we?
    Take a moment to thanks each one of them if they have help you to see farther, deeper, and closer to your own life and circumstances. Being grateful is also a virtue that is important to nurture and also to learn how to express without falling into over doing it.
     Life is a gift, that bring us beautiful opportunities every day. Being able to recognize that the blessings of my life come from the experience of living in the present, loving people and learning from wonderful human beings is one of my best way to express gratitude!